Apply E visa for Australia, Turkey, Azerbaijan

The US Immigrant and Non immigrant Visas Requirements

Flying to the terrain of the US is an emerging trend. Be it higher studies, business meet, employment prospect, tourism or medical treatment, the application counts of US visa is on rise today. And based upon the purpose of visit, the US visa can further be segregated into two categories namely; Immigrant Visa (IV) and

Applying for Visa? Here’s what you need to know about NOC

No Objection Certificate or NOC is one of the commonly used legal terminologies in different business practices. This is usually a legal document or certificate, which is issued by any organisation/agency or an institute under various situations like; exchange of an understudy starting with one foundation then onto the next, development of workforce to an

Business Visa for Portugal

Located on the Iberian Peninsula, adjoined to Spain periphery, Portugal is a small and tantalizing territory in the southern Europe. Eminent for its animated shoreline and historical legacy, the country is frequented by plenty of travellers from the Europe. One of the advantageous parts of its small geographies is that tourists can explore most of

Visit Vietnam, the breathtaking Southeast Asian Country

A slender territory nestled amidst the periphery of Cambodia, Laos and the South China Sea, Vietnam is known for its amazing blend of enticing coastline, conventional hamlets, archaeological sites, timbered stack, lively cities, Buddhist pagodas and fertile delta. The capital city of this Southeast Asian country is Hanoi, which is frequented by a huge number

Make Your International Trip More Effective with Proper Travel Plan

An effective travel plan is as imperative as obtaining a visa in time. As you know, different countries have different entry prerequisites; and there is nothing agonising than getting one’s visa application rebuffed in last minute. Here’s what that can help you to be quite observant and avoid such last minute hassles: Proper travel plan

Things you need to know about Slovenia Business Visa

Nestled in the core of Europe, the Schengen member state Slovenia is delimitated by Hungary, Italy, Adriatic Sea, Eastern Alps, Croatia, the Balkans and the Adriatic Sea, which has made the country an easily accessible destination in Europe. The enchanting landscape of the country offers you an amazing blend of captivating hamlets, animated coastline, lively

Visit Spain for a Captivating Retreat

For a true voyager, there is no limit in exploring new destinations across the sphere. And if you are yet to make it happen to some of the captivating destinations, there could be nothing amazing than to kick-off your excursion with Spain. This Schengen country pulls ample of tourists from all over the globe every

Apply for Thailand Tourist Visa

Known for its tropical coastlines, enchanting blue lagoons, ancient relics and Buddhist temples, Thailand has no dearth of attractions for tourists. This Southeast Asian country is laid out with refreshing nature, affluent royal palaces and ample of traditional farming villages to rove around. The capital city of Thailand is Bangkok, which is another stunning destination

Apply for Swiss Tourist Visa

Nestled in the breathtaking natural abundance of Central Europe, Switzerland is a dream destination for tourists, nature buffs, film makers and honeymooners. The beautiful landscape of Switzerland is an abode to many peaks, lakes, hamlets and ancient castles. So whether you are just roving around the city or exploring the leading sites, the destination has

Iran Tourist Visa

Holidaying in Iran or a short time-off in the Islamic republic on the Persian Gulf may not give you the same feel like any other usual tourist destinations. There is no denying of the fact that some devastating tales of autocratic shahs don’t portray anything enticing about the place, but Iran is certainly not like


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