Apply E visa for Australia, Turkey, Azerbaijan

Business Visa Prerequisites to enter the City of Brussels

Reckoned as the largest municipality region, the City of Brussels, Belgium is eminent for its junk food, chocolates and chilled beer. A blend of solid infrastructure, favourable business exposure, research and development is gradually creating good investment opportunities in the Brussels-Capital Region. Besides, what sets the City of Brussels apart from any other locations in

Visit Reykjavik in Iceland

The capital city of Iceland Reykjavik is the world’s northernmost capital, and is an abode to various enchanting tourist destinations. Despite being a land of minimal populace, Reykjavik has been emerged as an important tourist hub on the coast of Iceland! Ranging from open air museum to natural abundance and intoxicating nightlife, the city represents

Fly to the land of romance, Paris

Eminent for its iconic Eiffel Tower, the capital city of France, Paris is also titled as the “city of lights,” and the “city of love”. With its phenomenal endurance for more than 2,000 years, the romantic city of Paris houses numerous art galleries, open-air museum, remarkable cathedrals and eye-catching destinations. Today, the place has turned

Things you need to know while travelling to Prague

Planning to get around Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic? You are at the right place to know the entry prerequisites. Titled as “the City of a Hundred Spires,” Prague is one of the enchanting European destinations to travel by! Giving Prague a throwback, even during the 80s, the city used to be anonymity

Checklists for Finland Business Visa

The Nordic country Finland delimited by Russia, Sweden and Norway is eminent for its natural abundance, business exposure and emerging high tech service societies. Despite housing a blend of machinery and metal industries, there is something more than meets the eye. Recently this Northern European territory is witnessing a huge influx of corporate professionals and

Belgium Tourist Visa

Despite being a small country in Western Europe, Belgium is laid out with plenty of resurgence structural design, medieval towns and headquarters of the European Union and NATO. Besides, the country is evenly popular for housing lot of history within its precincts starting from World War I and II. One of the interesting parts of

Looking for nonimmigrant visa to the U.S? Here’s what you need to know about Form DS-160

Visa is a buzz word today, and obtaining a visa could be quite daunting sometime. With country specific visa prerequisites and various specifications, applicants thus need to be quite observant while filling up the forms and submitting their documents. One such integral part involved in this visa processing is completion of the DS-160 Form. Before

Visit Budapest: The Paris of the East

Referred as the “Paris of the East“, Hungary’s capital city Budapest is an abode to numerous World Heritage Sites. The city is enclosed with rich varieties of castles, museums, church, mountains, Water Lake and several other alluring sites making Budapest as one of the worth exploring destinations in Eastern Europe. Besides, the city is evenly

Travelling to Sri Lanka? Here’s what you need to know about ETA

Neighbouring island nation to India, Sri Lanka is delimited by picturesque vista, golden coastline, lush bush and stirring knolls. In short, Sri Lanka has no dearth of absolute charisma for the Globetrotters. To experience the essence of this breath-taking island nation, take a trip to Sri Lanka. There are different visa categories that you can

Checklists for Italy Tourist Visa

The eminence of Europe has a distinguished guise across the sphere. Sprawled with a long Mediterranean coastline blending with primeval relics, Western traditions and scrumptious cuisine, Italy is a wonderful place to rove around. Rome, being the capital city of this breathtaking European territory is an abode to abundance of scenic splendour, knolls and animated


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