5 Popular Boutique Hotels in Spain that you must Experience

       “The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life”- George Bernard Shaw Just imagine yourself inside a room surrounded by themed settings, enticing decor, comfy ambience and heart-winning generosity. Doesn’t it sound quite soporific? And the best part of such comfort can be rejoiced after spending a

La Tomatina Festival in Spain, World’s Largest Food Fight

Given a chance to prefer bullfight over food fight; two very popular fiestas in Spain, it’s going to be a difficult take for tourists. If bullfighting is reckoned as the traditional spectacle of Spain, La Tomatina on the other hand is referred as the world’s biggest food fight. Let’s not make these two cultural events

Five things to do in Barcelona

When you run short of time and you really want to explore most of the sites of a visiting city, it becomes quite challenging for you indeed. However, still, you try to make most of it so that at the end of your voyage you don’t feel like you have missed out anything, especially when