Things you need to know before applying for a Spanish Visa

There are various types of Spanish visas that you can apply as per your purpose of visit. Whether you intend to visit Spain for sightseeing, study or for work purpose, you have to apply for relevant Schengen visas consequently. Touring Spain is in great demand today, especially amongst honeymooners and world travellers. In addition, people

Know your best buys when in Spain

A travel tale remains incomplete without a bag full of goodies that you take home from your trip. There are many visitors who just love to explore various parts of the world, but knowing what exactly to bring home from their time off is something quite taxing. Plenty of tourists often pay a visit to

Amazing destinations that you should visit in Spain

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine If you have travelled many parts of the world excluding Spain, your voyage is still unfinished. The cited quote best fits a traveller who has not yet made it to Spain. There are more than thousands of

German Visa Information

Entering into German periphery has always been quite challenging but the former changed when The Schengen Agreement was enacted in 1985. The key objective of this agreement was to abolish the border control between all EU member states including Austria, Luxembourg, Greece, Sweden, Norway and all other member states. When this agreement was  brought to

Quick Pointers before Pocketing Your Switzerland Visa

Being one of the most expensive Schengen countries in Europe, stepping into the terra firma of Switzerland is often overlooked by many budget travellers. While many visitors find it quite challenging to get their Swiss visas approved. Therefore, every prospective applicant seeking a trip to Switzerland should comply with all the guidelines as stated by