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Holidaying in Iran or a short time-off in the Islamic republic on the Persian Gulf may not give you the same feel like any other usual tourist destinations. There is no denying of the fact that some devastating tales of autocratic shahs don’t portray anything enticing about the place, but Iran is certainly not like most other territories in the Middle East. Keeping aside its miserable scenarios, Iran is still frequented by many tourists, corporate giants and political figures from different countries. Not only this; the country is evenly a favourite destination for many film makers.

If you wish to visit Iran as tourist, you need to apply for a Tourist Visa. This is a kind of short stay visa permitting the applicants to visit Iran for sightseeing purpose. Since this is a short-stay visa, travelers need to leave the territory before the validity of their visas gets expired. Today, there are numbers of travel agencies and visa service providers who take care of the entire visa processing activities, and also provide application support to the visa applicants. As an applicant you need to fill up the visa application form, provide the required documents and make visa fees. On successful submission of all the documents, applications are sent to the relevant Embassy/Consulate for their final approval. During the entire visa processing, applicants can track the status of their applications through accessing the agency website or through SMS.

If you are not sure about the documents which you need to provide along with your visa application, the document prerequisites for a Tourist Visa usually include a valid passport, duly signed application form, confirmed air tickets with travel itinerary, covering letter mentioning the purpose of visit, recent passport size photographs, financial supporting, visa grant notice etc. Applicants providing these documents should be observant so that no fake documents or information restrains them from getting their visa approved by the Embassy.

A Tourist Visa for Iran usually takes 6-7 business days to get processed. However, this time frame may differ based upon the extent of precision of the provided documents. Therefore, before applying for Iran Tourist Visa, make sure you read through all the visa guidelines. Falling short of any of the defined regulations may result an applicant into direct rejection of his/her Visa Application.

Getting back to the tourism part of the country; Iran has witnessed a significant rise in the influx of global travellers. To make the global footfalls remarkable, the Tourism Authority of the country has emphasised on some of the leading attractions in the country. Despite being known for all the wrong reasons, there are plenty of enticing sites in the country that can evenly engage a large numbers of vacationers and voyagers in Iran. To make your travel itinerary more eventful, here we suggest some of the leading attractions in Iran that you should count on as tourist. The key attractions are; Esfahan, Dizin, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, Shiraz, Azadi Tower, Rasht, Qom, Ramsar, Ameri House, Blue Mosque and Amir Chakhmakh.

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