Apply Visa for Netherland

Netherland, which is evenly popular as Holland is located in the Western Europe. The country is gradually growing its popularity in terms of travel and tourism. Every year a large number of tourists flock this country from various parts of the globe to explore its picturesque landscape and cycling routes. The five mostly frequented cities

Apply for Belgium Tourist and Business Visa

The Kingdom of Belgium is growing its recognition amongst the globetrotter. Belgium is a sovereign state in Western Europe, which is delimited by Germany, France, Holland, the North Sea and Luxembourg. Despite being a small and densely populated nation, Belgium has no dearth of attractions to offer. The country is laid out with a huge

Apply for Portugal Travel Visa from India

How about exploring the Portuguese speaking country, the oldest state on the Iberian Peninsula and one of the oldest European nation states bordering Spain? It sounds astounding to plan a trip to Portugal. A diverse range of geographies from the luxuriant stacks and winery of the North to the medieval hamlets, stunning seashores and farmland,

Apply for Finland Visa from India

Want to plunge into the Finnish air and explore its picturesque vista? Here’s what you need to know about the Finland Visa: Officially eminent as the Republic of Finland, this Schengen country is delimited by Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia to its west, north, east and south direction respectively. Finland is known as the part

Useful pointers before pocketing the Schengen visa

Decades back in 1985 when it was decided by the five European Union (EU) states to abolish the inner border controls, the Schengen region was brought into picture. Since inception, the Schengen region grants unhindered travel permit within all Schengen countries. Today, there are 26 countries that come under the Schengen territory out of which,

Leading Reasons behind Visa Rejection

To a candidate, visa foreswearing is dependably a frightful example. Be that as it may, what really makes a government office or an office to dismiss a visa? Is that dependably a consular officer or a candidate who stands in charge of the same? Be it any reason, the last minute NO is the most