Things you need to know while travelling to Prague

Planning to get around Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic? You are at the right place to know the entry prerequisites. Titled as “the City of a Hundred Spires,” Prague is one of the enchanting European destinations to travel by! Giving Prague a throwback, even during the 80s, the city used to be anonymity to many travelers in Europe. Over the years, this Czech city has evolved as one of the popular destinations on the continent witnessing a huge influx from all across the sphere.

Prague exudes an overwhelming vista blending with some centuries-long attractions to behold. Travellers aspire to experience some age old impressive examples of Art Nouveau architecture, Gothic, Renaissance and Romanesque, Prague is the right place to rove around. Despite being a small Schengen member state, the destination doesn’t disappoint one’s presence in the city. Some of the leading attractions that one should count on when in the capital city of Czech Republic are; Old Town Hall, Powder Tower, Old New Synagogue, Charles Bridge, Spanish Synagogue, Dancing House and much more.

To catch a close vista of such tempting destinations, you need to apply for a Czech Tourist Visa, which again includes the Schengen visa prerequisites. Prospective applicants seeking Czech Republic Tourist Visa need to fill up the visa application form and sign it. The Application Form has to be supported by various essential documents such as; a valid visa, recent passport size photographs, confirmed air tickets, proof of accommodations, a cover letter stating the purpose of visit, travel insurance, financial means, bank statements, travel itinerary etc. Though, these are some of the commonly required documents for Tourist Visa. However, in case of any requirement, an applicant may also be asked to provide some additional documents as well. All the given documents are verified by the concerned authority and sent to the Embassy for their further approval.

Indian citizens in quest of a Prague Tourist Visa can reach out to Visas of the World (VOTW), a global visa processing agency, which is in close contact with Embassies/Consulates and other organizations to facilitate Indian citizens in the attainment of global entry passes. In order to render seamless visa assistance, the organisation employs a team of dedicated visa experts who can guide you on the application support and visa processing.

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