Applying for Visa? Here’s what you need to know about NOC

No Objection Certificate or NOC is one of the commonly used legal terminologies in different business practices. This is usually a legal document or certificate, which is issued by any organisation/agency or an institute under various situations like; exchange of an understudy starting with one foundation then onto the next, development of workforce to an alternate nation, compatibility of any courses amid the administration time frame and so on. Like any other useful areas, obtaining a NOC is evenly imperative while applying for visas, as it affirms the Embassy/Consulate that you are leaving your base nation with no objection. In the meantime, a NOC also ensures the visiting country that in no way you are travelling there illegally or seeking permanent residency there to bring financial weight on the Government of the visiting nation.

As we are aware of the fact that different countries have different visa prerequisites, and no Government grants any visitor to access their territory by breaching the stated the directions. This is why a visa applicant is required to submit a NOC. Usually, NOC certificate is asked from all visitors travelling to a foreign country for academic, research or work purposes. Besides, a traveller may also be asked to provide a NOC if he/she is minor or woman who is travelling alone.

While granting NOC to an applicant, it should contain the required information as per the Embassy/Consulate including the following pointers:

  • Full name and assignment of the visitor/applicant
  • Name and assignment of representative (name and selected course, if there should be an occurrence of understudies)
  • Name of the course that an understudy will seek after
  • Sponsorship subtle elements on the off chance that an understudy is needy
  • Duration of work in the current association
  • No complaint presentation from the scholarly establishment/association
  • Total quantities of endorsed clears out
  • For minor/single explorer (woman) to Dubai, a statement duplicate expressing no protest
  • Periodic money related proclamation to help the financial autonomy of a representative
  • Course term

Adherences to the listed pointers ensure one a trouble-free visa processing. Prospective applicants looking for NOC need to reach out the competent authority in person. At times, due to non availability of the authorisation body, garnering a NOC becomes quite taxing. However, with growing number of application counts for NOCs, the numbers of specialist organizations are also in rise today. Therefore, applicants may also reach out to these service providers to get their work done.

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