Looking for nonimmigrant visa to the U.S? Here’s what you need to know about Form DS-160

Visa is a buzz word today, and obtaining a visa could be quite daunting sometime. With country specific visa prerequisites and various specifications, applicants thus need to be quite observant while filling up the forms and submitting their documents. One such integral part involved in this visa processing is completion of the DS-160 Form. Before we take this write-up further, let’s build a basic comprehension on DS-160 Form.

Basically, DS-160 is a nonimmigrant visa application form, which is required for a short trip to the United States and for the K Visas (issued to the fiancé or fiancée). The DS-160 Form is submitted online to the Department of State website, and on receiving the information through DS-160, the Consular Officer further uses the given information to process the visa application blending with personal interview and the eligibility of a visa applicant to avail a nonimmigrant visa. This electronic form can easily be used by visa applicants seeking a non-immigrant visa for temporary trip to the U.S.

To complete the DS-160 Form, applicants should have certain documents available, which includes; a valid passport, complete travel itinerary, previous travel history to the U.S (if any), current and previous education and work history. In addition, based upon the purpose of visit, applicants may also be asked to provide some additional information as well. However, this is to be imparted that applicants must submit their DS-160 Forms prior to booking an interview appointment at the Embassy or Consulate.

While filling up the application form, all answers must be given in English unless and otherwise stated in particular to provide your complete name in your native alphabet. Application Form submitted in any language other than English may be rejected, and applicants may be required to submit a new Form again. Applicants should also be watchful about the session expiry alert. The reason being; if your work on the electronic Form exceeds 20 minutes, the session will get expired automatically. Under such cases, if you have not saved your application or not recorded your Application ID Number, you will start it all again.

The act of filling up the application Form gets completed when an applicant signs the Form by clicking the button “Sign Application”. Therefore, the applicants should ensure that all the information provided in the Form is genuine and hence, submission of the Form doesn’t have any propensity of getting the Form rebuffed by the concerned authority. Besides, there are many such pointers and federal regulation pertaining to DS-160 Form that we will be highlighting in our upcoming posts.