Checklists for Italy Tourist Visa

The eminence of Europe has a distinguished guise across the sphere. Sprawled with a long Mediterranean coastline blending with primeval relics, Western traditions and scrumptious cuisine, Italy is a wonderful place to rove around. Rome, being the capital city of this breathtaking European territory is an abode to abundance of scenic splendour, knolls and animated lakes. To catch a close vista of the cited brilliance in Italy, visitors need to get hold of a Schengen visa.

Every country has its own entry prerequisites. Italy being a Schengen member state comparatively includes a stringent visa specification. If you are planning your vacation in Italy, here’s what you need to count on the Tourist Visa checklists.

A Tourist Visa is a short-term visa, which is issued to the prospective tourists for very limited time frame, and the holders of such visas need to exit the country before the expiry of its validity. However, depending on the number of entry permits (single or multiple entry), the stay of a visitor may be continuous or numerous visits. To avail a Tourist Visa for Italy, some of the commonly referred checklists include:

  • A duly filled and signed Visa Application Form
  • Recent passport size photographs
  • A valid passport with at least two blank pages left on it
  • A cover letter mentioning the purpose of visit
  • Complete Travel itinerary with travel dates and confirmed air tickets
  • Proof of accommodations
  • Proof of financial means like salary slip, bank statement, occupation etc
  • Foreign exchange endorsement on the passport and receipt
  • Travel insurance

Note: The listed checklists are required but not limited to. Depending on the visa specifications, an applicant may be asked to provide some additional documents as well.

Having considered the checklists for Italy Tourist Visa, next point of concern is applying for the same. With growing number of footfalls and application counts for Italy Visa, plenty of visa service providers are set up across India. One such name in the list is Visas of the World (VOTW). The organisation provides global visa support and application assistance in the visa processing. To cater impeccable visa services, VOTW also employs a dedicated team of visa specialists who are well-versed with the entire visa support and guidance.

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