What makes visa applications rejected?

Garnering a country visa is always a taxing attempt unless you meet up the entry prerequisites of the visiting nation. And the most agonising part of the entire visa life cycle is when the visa application form of an applicant gets rejected! Do you know the reasons that really make an Embassy or Consulate to rebuff a visa application? If you are applying a visa for the first time, here’s what you need to know to avoid the last minute peril from getting your visa application approved:

Visa is a buzz words in today’s business spheres, and different countries and embassies follow different visa regulations before allowing a foreigner to access their territory. Therefore, as a visa applicant, one’s prime objective should be to meet up those specifications. It is observed that most of the visa applicants get rejected on account the following commonly practiced mistakes by visa applicants:

Incomplete information: This is one of the commonly faced issues in visa processing service. There are several applicants who don’t read the instructions properly and rush to complete the application form. While doing so, most of the time they skip some of the important columns in the application form resulting them into rejection of their applications. Therefore, while filling up the visa application, you should take your time and cross verify if you have completed the same in all aspects.

Data falsification: Propensity of submitting fake documents is often seen amongst many visa applicants. Therefore, it is always advisable not to practice the same. Whatever documents the applicants are asked to provider are accordingly scrutinised by the relevant visa professionals. Submission of false documents thus causes straightway rejection of a visa application.  

Invalid documents: Most of the time it is observed people submitting their passports which are no more valid as per the Embassy specifications. This is an additional reason behind visa rejection. In addition, sometime the applicants don’t submit their payslips as per the request time frame, which is also considered as invalid documentation.  

Travel permit issue: This is one more reason behind visa dismissal. Some of the commonly occurred instances under this category of visa rejection include accommodation of a lapsed international ID, deficient pages on the travel permit for visa handling, sensual data of the applicant on identification, damaged pages on passport etc.

No adequate evidence of travel itinerary: Travel itinerary is an imperative part of every travel plan. It includes each and every destination that a traveller visits including the proof of accommodations and confirmed ticket reservations. At times it happens that applicants fail to submit the required documents to support their travel itinerary resulting them into visa rejection.

Criminal records: A visa applicant with criminal activities in the past/present is not allowed to get his/her visa application approved by the Embassy/Consulate. The reason being; under such cases, the applicant is considered as a threat to the administration and policies of the visiting nation.

Insufficient explanation to support the purpose of visit: Submitting the documents not necessarily assures your visa approval. Hence, applicants have to ensure that they are able to submit the documents that can validate their purpose of visit.

Besides the above listed reasons, a visa application may get rejected on several other grounds as well. We will be highlighting those reasons in our subsequent posts. Till then if you apply visa for any country, make sure all your documents are authentic and giving you no single scope of visa rejection.