Some Commonly Applied Travel Visas

Visa is an essential prerequisite today that you need to garner before entering to a foreign territory. Different countries have different visa specifications and as a traveller we all need to act in accordance with the same. There are frequent travellers to whom, visa is not a new term to introduce with; but people are also there to whom this terminology may sound something uncharted. This post is therefore, an endeavour to make them familiar with some of the commonly applied visa categories. So before we take this write-up further, let’s comprehend the term visa.

Visa is basically a legal approval duly stamped in the passport of a traveller, which further permits a traveller to access the terrain of the desired nation. But availing a visa is quite taxing unless you know the type of visa you wish to apply and the Embassy prerequisites associated with these visas.

Let’s take a quick glimpse of some of the travel visas across the globe:

Short Term Visa: Though this is not a visa, but it contains several other visa categories under it that are issued with minimum validity. A short term or short stay visa allows a person to visit a country and stay there for limited time period, but during that period, he/she is not allowed to involve into any type of commercial activities. Usually short term visas are valid for 90 days. However, depending on the visiting nation, the number of days may differ as well. Some visas are also there that allows a visitor to enter a country single or multiple times based upon the visa prerequisites and visiting nation.

Long Term Visa: Just opposite to a short term visa, this type of visa comes with longer validity. In many European Union (EU) Countries, a tourist is also allowed to reside there even for one long year that comes under long stay visa category.

Tourist Visa: As the name suggests, it is a kind of short-term visa, which is issued to the vacationers or tourists either individual or in group. If you plan a holiday in any country for sightseeing or leisure activities, this is the kind of visa you should apply for. However, the visa holder has to exit the country before the expiry of the visa.

Family Visa: If it’s been long you did not catch your family members who are staying in a different country, apply for Family Visa. While availing a Family Visa, the applicant may also get sponsorship from his/her family members residing abroad. In many countries, this type of visa is also known as Private Stay Visit.

Student Visa: Pursuing higher studies in foreign territory is a modern trend amongst most of the students. So, if you are a student and wish to carry out your further studies in a different country, this is the type of visa you should apply for.

Business Visa: This a short term visa usually applied by the people seeking a foreign trip for business requirements.

Employment Visa: This kind of visa is purposefully issued for employment purpose in a foreign country wherein, the applicant is paid by the company of the visiting nation.

Commerce Visa: A Commerce Visa is a type of visa, which is usually issued to the applicants travelling to the Middle Eastern countries for business transactions. However, there are many countries wherein; a Business Visa is issued for similar purpose.

Transit Visa: Suppose you have a long stopover in Dubai before your next flight to America, the visa that can allow you to rove around the airport premises is called a Transit Visa.

Entertainment Visa: If you have any music concert to attend abroad, apply for this visa category. Basically, an Entertainment Visa is meant for artists/entertainers who often need to fly abroad to attend various stage shows and live performances.

Diplomatic/Official: Anyone travelling abroad for conducting business on behalf of an official unit/government can apply for this type of visa. However, to validate the trip, applicants need to provide all supporting documents.

Retirement Visa: It is a privilege visa, which is granted to an individual to retire from their service in certain countries like Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil.

Applicants planning a trip to overseas should therefore be very specific while applying for a particular visa type. Depending on the purpose of their visits, the documentation will vary. So make your travel plan and select an appropriate visa.