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Located in the southernmost of Europe’s Baltic States, Lithuania is one of the least explored countries in Northern Europe. The country is delimited by Belarus, Poland and Latvia. Despite being one of the least frequented Schengen member states, Lithuania is laid out with plenty of interesting destinations for the budding travellers from all across the globe.

In 1990, Lithuania became the first Soviet Republican country to leave the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). This is why the terrain of Lithuania still boasts ample of remnants from the Soviet period. However, over the periods, the country has transformed itself to a great extent in terms of tourist attractions. Today, Lithuania has established a separate distinctiveness to the Globetrotters including its breath-taking scenic splendour, medieval Old Town, exotic monasteries and much more attractions to behold.

Like every Schengen countries, visiting Lithuania also involves some visa prerequisites. Anyone planning a holiday in Lithuania should apply for Lithuania Visa. The visa application has to be submitted together with essential documents and visa fees. Today, there are several authorised visa processing service provider where one can reach out for applying a Lithuania Visa. Indian citizens in quest of a Business or Tourist Visa for Lithuania can approach to Visas of the World (VOTW), which is a leading visa service provider in the provisions of world visa services.

All prospective applicants planning a voyage to Lithuania should keep a tab on the document specifications. Depending on the type of visa you apply, the requirements of documentation will also differ. For example; if you wish to visit Lithuania for sightseeing, the documentation need includes duly filled and signed Visa Application Form, valid passport, recent photographs, confirmed air tickets, covering letter indicating the purpose of visit etc. On the other hand, if the purpose of your visit to Lithuania is business then you will be required to provide many other documents besides the aforesaid documents. Some of these documents in this visa category include an invitation letter from the competent authority of the visiting nation, proof of accommodation, financial statement, travel insurance, a reference letter from the employer etc. Based upon the type of the visa you apply, the processing time of that particular visa will also vary.

Applying for Lithuania visa through VOTW facilitates an applicant by processing the entire documentation process effortlessly and at affordable fees. The organisation employs a team of dedicated visa experts who take care of each visa applications submitted with equal amount of priority. On successful submission of the visa application and processing fees, the application centre will forward the visa form to the Embassy for its final approval. However, applicants should be imparted the fact that no visa service provider can guarantee an applicant to get his/her visa application approved. The reason being; final decision to get an application approved or rejected entirely depends on the Embassy. But applying through an authorised visa service provider helps an applicant in processing his/the visa application without hassle. They take care of all the documents with special consideration so that the propensity of getting an application rejected or delayed is mitigated. So visiting Lithuania from India is just a plan away.

Having depicted the natural magnificence of Lithuania, make sure to visit some of the arresting sites in the city. The prime visiting destinations in Lithuania include Vilnius, Trakai, Devil’s Museum, St. Anne’s Church, Siauliai Hill of Crosses, Money Museum, Grutas Park, Gediminas Tower, Presidential Palace and Neringa.

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