Things you need to know before applying for a Spanish Visa

There are various types of Spanish visas that you can apply as per your purpose of visit. Whether you intend to visit Spain for sightseeing, study or for work purpose, you have to apply for relevant Schengen visas consequently. Touring Spain is in great demand today, especially amongst honeymooners and world travellers. In addition, people do visit Spain for corporate meets as well. A blend of awe-inspiring climate and magnetic landscape pulls plenty of tourists to this amazing European destination from all around the sphere. So, if visiting Spain is in your travel plan anytime soon, here’s what you all need to know:

A Spain Schengen visa entitles an applicant to travel across all the Schengen member states. However, visitor’s first point of entry and main travel destination should be Spain. At Visas of the World (VOTW), you get to avail different types of short-stay visas allowing an applicant to stay in the territory of Spain for maximum periods of 3 months. So before making a plan to visit Spain, make sure you know the kind of visa you need to apply. For example, if the purpose of your visit to Spain is sightseeing and holiday, you need to apply for Tourist Visa for Spain. Similarly, people seeking a trip to Spain for work purpose, need to apply for a Business Visa. However, by no means, the holder of a Business Visa is allowed to carry out any professional activities during his/her stay in Spain. Besides, there are many other short-term visas as well that includes Airport Transit Visa, Transit Visa for Seamen, Family Members of EU/EEA Citizens etc. Depending on the type of Spanish Visa you apply, requirements of documents will also vary accordingly.

Getting hold of a Spanish visa becomes more effortless if you follow the stated guidelines while applying for the same. The most pivotal point to consider in this regard is to know your visa type. Once you select the relevant visa type, read through the entire Visa Application Form watchfully and fill it up accordingly. Make sure you provide all documents and photographs to the visa service provider following the predefined guidelines. Practising this not only mitigates the propensity of getting your Spain Visa delayed or rejected, but also ease the entire visa processing accordingly. Having done with the complete process of documentation, next you need to make the payment of visa fees. Once your visa gets approved, you are communicated through E-mail/SMS/call  accordingly. In addition, applicants can also track the status of their visa applications online.

People from India who are planning to make it to Spain can now easily apply online, and the charges are quite affordable. In order to get complete visa assistance, you may also get in touch with the designated visa specialists at the following contact details. VOTW owns a dedicated team of visa experts who are well-versed with the entire processing of Spain visa. So, applying for a Spanish visa is not a big matter for any traveller.

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