Visa Interview Tips, an entry key to your desired country

After successful submission of all visa prerequisites, who would bear a visa rebuff due to interview failure? You may ask the people you know about their first visa interview experience at the designated embassies. For the first timer, facing a visa interview is always frightening. But a person who knows the tips, turn it to a successful interview at the end. There may be ample of visa interview tips that you get to know in the Internet, but the one and only mantra of a successful visa interview is how confident an applicant is. Therefore, one should be very much particular while answering the questions being asked at the Embassy office.

Clearing the visa interview is as imperative as the entire processing of visa. Hence, the first and foremost thing for a visa applicant should be to establish a positive impact at the time of interview. For your convenience, some of the important visa interview tips are listed as follows:

  • Be it any country, a visitor should always be sure enough about his/her travel purpose. This is one of the frequently asked questions faced by most of the travellers. Therefore, make sure you know your purpose of visit to a particular country. Always remember, the type of visa you apply entirely depends on your purpose of visit. So try to complement these two points.
  • Documents play a pivotal role to approve or disapprove an application. Therefore, make sure you carry all the required documents while appearing for a visa interview. Without submitting the proper documents a visa interview is always a hard nut to split.
  • Arrange all the required documents in orderly manner. Cross check your visa applications form if it is duly signed and filled. Carry all the documents abiding by the stated guidelines including your photographs. Put all the documents in a plastic folder.
  • Try to dress yourself up in a decent manner. Make it a thumb rule that your first impression should very impactful so that it eases your remaining phases of interview.
  • Always speak out the truth. Be it your documents or the information you provide, it should not be fake. Answer all the questions with honesty inviting no unwanted trouble for you.
  • Never get involved in any unnecessary argument with the consular officer. The end result will depend on the way you have reacted to the questions being asked to you.
  • Always expect the visa interview will be conducted in English. So it is advisable to prepare a list of commonly asked questions with answer and practice them well before the interview.
  • Plan your research on the visiting country, as they might ask you some basic information about that country.
  • Do your research on the visiting country. You will be asked some basic information about the country you going to visit. Keeping a tab on some of the quick facts about the visiting country will help you in leaving a positive impression.
  • You attitude and body language should be positive. Don’t get afraid of anything. Always keep it in mind that the consular officer is also a human being. You just have to play little smarter.
  • Applicants who are visiting their families and friends should memorise their home address and other information so that they can answer it correctly when asked.
  • Your interview pattern will vary as per the type of visa you applied for. Therefore, prepare yourself accordingly.
  • Always try to get there before the scheduled time to avoid rush minute rush.
  • Don’t carry any battery operated or electronic devices or any flame generating devices at the interview location.

So if you have already decided your next travel destination, start counting on the listed tips. Additionally, you may also Google to explore various tricky visa interview questions. On your successful interview appearance, don’t forget to share your experience with other debutant visa applicants. Wish you all the luck for your interview.