Know your visa that you wish to apply while travelling to Hungary

Eminent as the landlocked country in Central Europe, the influx of tourists in Hungary is on rise today. Travellers flock here from various parts of the globe to witness the scenic splendour and architectural landmarks in the capital city of Hungary. With mounting footfalls of globetrotters, Budapest (capital of Hungary) has turned to an enticing tourist destination in Central Europe. Applicants seeking a trip to Hungary from India need to acquire a Schengen Visa. To make your travel more effortless, we bring here some important information about Hungary Visa:

Being a Schengen country, following the visa application procedure may be quite taxing for visa applicants. Therefore, make sure you read through all the information pertaining to Hungary Visa and the guidelines associated with it.

Like any other countries, accessing to the territory of Hungary may contain different purposes like tourism, business and transit. Depending on the type of visa one applies, the document prerequisites will also differ from one-to-all. Let’s take a quick look:

Tourist Visa for Hungary

A Tourist Visa is issued to an applicant who is willing to visit Hungary for sightseeing purpose. This is a short-term visa with limited validity, and the visitors need to exit the country before the expiry of the issued visa. To garner this type of visa, one needs to submit various documents like a valid passport, recent photograph (as per photo specification), Visa Application Form (duly signed), Covering Letter, financial statement etc.

Business Visa for Hungary

A Business Visa is purposefully issued to an applicant who is travelling to Hungary for business purpose. Similar to Tourist Visa, this is also a short stay visa. To avail a Business Visa, an applicant needs to provide several documents other than the above cited documents. These documents are Introductory Letter from the Company (in India) stating the purpose of visit and duration of stay, Employment Certificate duly signed by the applicant and the employer, payslip, confirmed air tickets, Income Tax Return statement, proof of accommodation etc.

Airport Transit Visa for Hungary

This type of visa allows an applicant to transit through the international transit areas of the limited airports in Schengen territory. A holder of such visa is not permitted to stay in the city for long. Travellers mostly apply for a Transit Visa while travelling to any other country with a stopover in Hungary airport till their next flight to the visiting country. The required documents to obtain a Transit Visa include Visa Application Form, valid passport, proof of hotels/accommodations, confirmed air ticket (onward/return) etc.

While applying for Hungary Visa, prospective applicants can visit any authorised travel agency or outsourced visa service provider. They will collect all essential documents from you and cross-check the same. However, the final decision of approving or rejecting a visa for Hungary completely lies with the Embassy/Consulate. Therefore, visa interview plays a crucial part in validating your documents. Submission of all documents abiding by the stated guidelines mitigates the propensity of getting your visa rejected or delayed. However, you should be watchful clearing all the dues from your end in terms of documentation and fees.