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Choose Your Visa Type

  • Tourist E Visa

  • This is recommended for visitors planning for a short stay in for Holidays/Vacation, Seeing Friends or Family etc.
  • Type of Visa :- Max upto 90 Days Visa
  • Visa Validity :- 1-Year from Date of Issue
  • Stay Validity :- Up to 90 Days
  • Processing Time :- 24/48 hrs
  • Total Cost :- $100 (Inclusive of Govt./Service fee)
  • Multiple Entry allowed (Condition Apply*)
  • Business E Visa

  • This is recommended for visitors planning for a short stay in for Holiday/Vacation + Business, Conference, Seminars, or Trade Fairs etc.
  • Type of Visa :- Max upto 90 Days Visa
  • Visa Validity :- 1-Year from Date of Issue
  • Stay Validity :- Up to 90 Days
  • Processing Time :- 24/48 hrs
  • Total Cost :- $100 (Inclusive of Govt./Service fee)
  • Multiple Entry allowed (Condition Apply*)

What is an "ETA"?

ETA is needed for all the foreign people who want to travel to without Visa.There is no particular time for applying for the ETA as you can apply for it anytime. It is our strong recommendation for all of you that it will be better if you will apply for ETA whenever you decide to travel to Australia. You must have approved ETA before the entry because your ETA will be digitally connected to your passport. So, don't delay and apply for the ETA online and ensure that you have approved ETA.

Who needs an ETA?

ETA is needed for:

What do I need to apply for ETA?

It is a very easy process to apply for ETA as you will need few necessary documents for it. If anyone wants to apply for ETA, then he/she will need his/her own passport, credit card, and an email address. It is necessary that the passport should be valid for at least one more day longer than the date you will be leaving from Australia. Make sure that you have prepared these items before you apply for ETA. If you want to apply for it through our website, then you will have to agree on our policies. If you have any problem in agreeing with our policies, then you are free to leave the site.

Who does not need an ETA?

An ETA is not required for the person:

How long does it take to get an ETA?

For the confirmation of ETA, you will have to wait for three or four days or a week. Though it doesn't take much time for the confirmation due to some technical problems or traveling seasons, the process may take more time than the average. Due to some special remarks on your application, it can take more days than usual. We recommend to you for applying for an ETA when your visit to Australia is confirmed.

What if my ETA application is rejected?

After the rejection of ETA application, one can apply for it again. You can write down the factors of your rejection on the form when applying for the second time. If your ETA application is rejected due to some wrong information or error, then you can correct it in the second application. When you re-application is rejected, then you will need to go to the Australian Embassy for getting a visitor's visa.


Australia ETA Application form

After sending the application form, you can't change the information you have filled. If you want to change the information, then you will need to apply for it again with a refund of USD 64 and there are no refund policies. In case of any information error, ETA won't be approved and your entry to Australia will be rejected. Each time you will apply for ETA, your personal information will relay on your latest application. After using our services, you have agreed to our policies and protocols. Make sure that you enter all the names in the exact way as they appear on this applicant's passport.

Consent and declaration

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About the information, you give on this form

Under the Migration Act 1958, the department has the authority to collect the information Helping on this form.

The information Helping will be used for:

The department makes research occasionally to improved our services and for providing the input to Australian government initiatives. The contact information of your collected through this form may be used for contacting you for some purposes. This contact may be made by departmental staff or research organizations on your behalf. Your participation in the client research is completely voluntary and your decision which is involved in the client research won't have any kind of impact on your application.

Disclosure to other agencies

The information Helping by you can be disclosed to the agencies:

The information Helping by you which includes the results of HIV will be used to assess your health for determination of grant of Australian visa. A positive HIV or other test results would lead to the refuse of your visa and it means that your results may be disclosed to other relevant Commonwealth and State or territory Health services.

Information form 1442i Private notice gives details of all the agencies with which your personal information might be shared for any purposes.

Freedom of Information Act 1982

This act is related to your personal information. Under this act, you can apply for accessing your documents which contains your personal information.

You or any other person who is authorized to access the information on your behalf can apply to do this at any of office of this department in Australia after making the payment of fees. You have to Helping the Australian address to which copies of personal records can be sent to the Australian Government Office. You can get more information on making the request under this act on the form 424a Request for access to documents or information.


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